Everything I Touch, I Break

Like my bathroom for instance, fuck yeah. 

I Confess

I've been sticking fingers down my throat


You Know What I Think Mr. Unicorn?

I think that having friends is useless and unnecessary and a big waste of time. I mean, it's a hot tranny mess (Christian Siriano ftw). Having best friends is way better. I'm sure you agree Mr. Unicorn. I mean, I've been having troubles with people all week and it's fucking frustrating it's disgusting it's annoying blargh. I. Just. Want. To. Be. ARGH I DON'T FUCKING KNOW. Even having a boyfriend is being a fucking burden, argh. 

Thank god Monday's the last day of school until a 3-week break, I really need that break. Break from school, break from people, break from LIFE ITSELF. God, my life is a fucking hot tranny mess, and I'm not even a tranny. I haven't even encountered one, ha ha ha. Fuck this shit.


=boobookittyfuck , Marry Me With Your Artworks

Dear Mr. Unicorn,

I think I'm in love, with this Australian in DeviantArt. He makes really cool artwork, I really want to add his MSN so we can talk... omgroflcopter I'm such a stalker :D



Dear Mr. Unicorn,

I just finished reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. You have no idea how exhilarating yet horrifying the book is. I will continue on reading the series over the weekend


Fasting Month

Dear Mr. Unicorn,

As you know, I'm an atheist. Yet I still look for ways for myself to find solace and enlightenment. Which leaves me to one thing - fasting. It's fasting month for the Moslem people and I decided to fast too, to show my respect to them and to prove to myself that I can control anything about me.

So yeah... yeah.