Exams are on the way, university applications going nowhere.

Might as well get drugged and die of overdose.


I Hate the Fact That

1. Vino uses the MCR Black Parade Jacket to a motherfucking COLDPLAY concert, thinking that it looks like their new look (He doesn't even use it on the MCR concert, hish)

2. All of the people I know gets to see Vino

3. People still think that Coldplay is a good band

4. Vino is in Singapore

5. I have a chance to go to Singapore because it's the fucking holidays, instead I'm stuck here in fucking Jakarta doing extra lessons for the exams.

6. I'm not enjoying life at all

7. I just realised that I'm a total failure and deserve to be burned alive


My emo band's name is Metal Head Immaculate Application.
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