Free Bird

School finally had the last of me. I graduated from hell school. Only thing to do now is lose 10 kg and wait for my National Exams result. Hope everything will be alright. Not looking forward to university. Not looking forward to anything. Just a free bird. Roaming, longing for nothing... for everything. 



New Shoes

Rabbit ears with my new silver Winklepickers :)


Haro! Haro!

So I went to Mall of Indonesia yeah? And I found this toy store yeah? It turns out to be a collector's toy store which is fucking awesome because I collect toys and when I was looking around, I found this baby and I fell in love with it. It's a Haro from Gundam Seed. I've always had this certain love for Haro's and this one is fucking huge as well compared to my other Haros so here it is, my new green Haro.



Looking back at my old posts,

I just realized I've been through shit. I mean, shit fuck shit. Not shit shit. It's like elephant shit but much much more fucked up.